Corona update Midwife practice Linde Best-Oirschot, 15-06-2020


Dear clients and partners,


We are happy to inform you that, from Monday the 15th of June, we are able to drop some of the measures we were forced to take because of the corona virus.

After extensive consultation with the midwifery practices in the region, the hospitals and Diagnostiek voor U, the following agreements are made:


- Partners are allowed to attend all ultrasounds made at the practice

- Partners are allowed to attend the intake and birth-talk

- All regular post-partum visits will be house-visits again


Your partner is welcome to attend above mentioned appointments, it is however still preferred to come alone.

Unfortunately, you still have to come alone to the appointments for check-ups, so without your partner and/or children.


We would like to ask you to keep 1,5 meter distanceas much as possible in the waiting room and during the appointments and to be aware of any symptoms like, coughing, sneezing, difficulty breathing and/or fever. If you have any of these symptoms, we ask you to call us and <b>not</b> to come to the practice! We will then determine what the possibilities regarding your appointment are.


As soon as new guidelines are decided we will inform you immediately.


Kind regards,

Team Linde





Corona update Midwife practice Linde Best-Oirschot 17/4/2020


Dear clients and partners,


We try to keep you up to date with changes in obstetric care caused by the corona virus. There are hardly any changes to report compared to our previous update. If there are major changes that apply to you, we will of course inform you in time.


  • The previously sent update (see below) with advice and measures to be taken regarding COVID-19 will be maintained for the time being.
  • If you would like to have a check by phone in the meantime, you can always call us (our assistant Rifka is available Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 11:30 am at telephone number 0499-21 54 54 option 1
  • We have no capacity problems in practice, the same applies to the hospitals we work with; the Catharina hospital Eindhoven and Maxima Medical center Veldhoven.
  • To strengthen our team during this time and the holiday period, we have added 2 extra midwives to our practice. They will be available till the end of the summer holiday; Sabine Rutjens and Evi Vlassak.


With kind regards,

Team Linde





Corona update midwife practice Linde Best-Oirschot 20-03-20


Dear clients and partners,


We are trying to keep you informed about the changes in the practice, caused by the Corona virus.


We understand that the Corona virus causes a lot of unrest for you, especially in this special time of your life. It makes you vulnerable in a period where you seek for safety and rest.


Usually our practice is based on personal contact and spending time talking about everything, because of the Corona virus we are forced to change the way we take care of you into an efficient way, with contact moments which will be as short as possible.

We are trying our very best to, if possible via phone, answer your questions personally and having attention for you and your upcoming baby.


As a practice we follow nation wide advices which are given to us by our professional association, the KNOV, and the RIVM.


We are in direct contact with the Catharina hospital Eindhoven and the MMC Veldhoven, concerning actual changes within the birth care.


For next week (23rd up to and including 27th of March) we will contact everyone who has an appointment planned this week, this will happen personally by phone. ( At least 1 day before the appointment, this could be at weekends and possibly using an anonymous phone number). We will talk about your questions, give explanation if necessary and schedule your checks to a new schedule.


Read what is below here carefully!!


Changes in care during pregnancy:


Ultrasound scans:


The 1st ultrasound in the pregnancy will be made from 10 weeks of pregnancy. If there is an ultrasound planned for before 10 weeks of pregnancy, the ultrasound will be cancelled.


The ultrasounds in pregnancy weeks 13/14 are cancelled.


All other ultrasounds will take place if there is a medical reason to do them.


Pregnancy checks:


All checks will be done according to a schedule, where safety and care for mother and child are the most important factors.


10 weeks of pregnancy: visit to practice for an ultrasound

   Intake by phone + explanation using tests

16 weeks of pregnancy: visit to practice

20 weeks of pregnancy: SEO (extensive ultrasound) at the practice

27 weeks of pregnancy: visit to practice

31 weeks of pregnancy: visit to practice

25 weeks of pregnancy: visit to practice

37 weeks of pregnancy: visit to practice

39 weeks of pregnancy: visit to practice

40 weeks of pregnancy: visit to practice

41 weeks of pregnancy: visit to practice


Naturally there will always be a check if there is medical reason for it.


Blood tests:


At this moment in time all blood tests are done at Diagnostiek voor U, Location Boschdijk.

Many small locations are closed.

You can only come in on appointment; phone number: 040-2141202


Giving birth in the hospital


At this point in time it is possible to give birth in the hospital at the policlinic. Before we are allowed to go to the hospital we will be asked if you are free of symptoms related to Corona. If you have any symptoms protective measures will be taken but you can still give birth at the hospital.


During childbirth only your partner can be present.


No visitors are allowed in the hospital.


Consider child birth at home if there is no medical need for a childbirth in hospital. We are skilled and experienced with guiding you through child birth at home. In your own environment you don’t come into contact with others so this way the risks are the least.


Care in maternity bed


In the maternity bed, we will have contact with you and/or your maternity nurse over the phone in the morning. Only if necessary we will come by your house.


During the presence of your maternity nurse you can’t have any visitors.



And to conclude this letter… these advices stay important”


Please come alone to every appointment at the practice.


Don’t come to the practice if you have any symptoms, but CALL us !!


Keep 1.5 meters between you and everybody else (also in the waiting room)


The check is as short as possible, information transference and questions will be talked on over the phone.



Even in chaotic and unsure times like these, we will carry you through you pregnancy, childbirth and maternity bed, safely, wisely and professionally!


Kind regards, together we will stand strong!


Team midwife practice Linde Best-Oirschot